The benefits of low-code platforms

What is a low-code platform?

Traditionally, when you’ve wanted to develop an application (app) to meet your specific requirements, you’ve had to use developers. Developers are a limited resource and in short supply, as a result, this traditional “high-code” route would often lead to untenable project lead times, particularly if you wanted to develop several applications in parallel. Consequently, your IT team, through no fault of its own, could become a bottleneck. On the other hand, external consultants are very expensive, meaning you would probably not be able to afford to execute all the projects you would like to.

A low-code platform eliminates these problems. It enables rapid application delivery with a minimum of hand-coding using drag and drop editors with visual development tools. There is no need for deployments. The real advantage comes from the fact that it enables the non-technical staff such as business analysts who are working closely with end users to develop it, becoming so-called “citizen developers” or power users.  All your technical staff need to do is implement the business processes like backend integration or automated workflow.

Even complex eforms can be built quickly because repetitive business processes can be scripted by your technical staff just once and added to drop down menus. As a result, activating for example commonly used backend integrations can be implemented with just a single click.

As a result, your employees, who know your business processes better than anyone, become empowered to develop applications that meet their precise needs, and your IT staff become powerful enablers, able to rapidly deploy applications. Moreover, it frees them up to focus on other key strategic IT issues.

The benefits of a low-code platform

Low-code platforms, such as those offered by PretaGov, offer the following benefits to government and public sector organisations:

  • They accelerate the release of digital government tools such as eforms, video and workflow automation.
  • They transform members of your non-technical team into highly effective enablers of your digital transformation.
  • They ensure your applications are fit for purpose because they are built by the people who know the processes inside out and can iterate easily - until it's right.
  • They allow your branding and housestyle to be enforced easily.
  • They give your valuable IT team more time to customise business processes such as integrating with existing systems or adding specific complex functionality.

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What about no-code platforms?

No-code application platforms also use a visual development process, however if they are solely no code, they lack the flexibility of low-code platforms. As a result, if you need anything beyond the basic functionality and integrations offered as standard by the no-code platform, you will need to employ expensive consultants to make the changes for you, and return to them every time you need a modification.

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